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We conducted a test on the cetane improver for diesel fuel INTRON cTane using ASTM D613 test method. The test showed a significant improvement in the cetane number, which increased from 45 to 52, exceeding the ASTM D975 and EN 590 cetane number requirements.

The test was performed on a diesel engine using a blend of diesel fuel and INTRON cTane. The engine’s performance was measured before and after the addition of the cetane improver, and the results showed an improvement in the engine’s performance parameters. The engine had a better cold start, smoother acceleration, and reduced noise and vibration.

The test results also showed that INTRON cTane had a low pour point and a high flash point, indicating that it is stable under different temperature and pressure conditions. The product’s thermal stability was also evident, making it suitable for use in various applications such as transportation, power generation, and marine engines.

Overall, the test showed that INTRON cTane is a highly effective cetane improver for diesel fuel, providing optimal diesel engine performance. The product’s excellent properties make it suitable for use in various applications, ensuring clients receive high-quality chemical additives that enhance their products’ performance

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