Deposit control additives

Engineers has changed modern car engines. New car motors are more powerful, consume less fuel and work in high temperature mode. While run they produce big volumes carbon deposits that affect engine performance, increase fuel consumption and low up start power. Deposits can lead to serious technical problems.

Common problems using standard fuels

Intake system deposits

Exhaust valve carbon deposits

Injection affect

PETRONAX INTRON gasoline additives solving issues

Our research team develop detergent, antirust and defoam additives that are solving the problems during exploitations of standard fuels. Multipurpose fuel additive INTRON® mClean and INTRON® dClean removes existing and prevent fouling new carbon deposits, sorbent water and protect engine from corrosion, defoam diesel fuel, can increase octane or cetane number, low up cylinder friction and reduce harmful emissions of the vehicles engines.

Result after using INTRON® mClean

Result after using INTRON® dClean


Dyes and markers

We supply a range of dyes and markers for government fuel regulation and private brands.

Our markers and dyes

  • INTRON® Dye Blue
  • INTRON® Dye Red
  • INTRON® Dye Green