INTRON® cTane – cetane improver for diesel fuel


INTRON® cTane – a solution of 2-Ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN).


 INTRON® cTane, 2-Ethylhexylnitrate (2EHN), a highly effective additive to diesel fuel for reducing the ignition delay in diesel engines and increase of cetane number in diesel fuels.


 – At low concentrations (from 200 to 2000 ppm.) gives flexibility in adjusting the cetane number according to national standards;

– Fully compatible with the other ingredients of diesel fuel and additives (detergents, stabilizers, anticorrosion etc.);

– Reduces the economical costs of production (optimization of the fuel composition).       



transparent or light yellow liquid

Density at 20°C

960-970 kg/m3

Viscosity at 20°C

1,78 mm2/s

Decomposition temperature


Self ignition temperature


Pure point

minus  50°C


Recommended dosage rate of INTRON® cTane starts from 200 to 2000 ppm. Cetane number increase depends on the starting values of cetane number and other physical – chemical properties of the diesel fuel. The appropriate dosage will be determined by our experts after full consideration of diesel fuel properties

Addition methods

INTRON® cTane can be added to diesel either concentrated or in the form of basic solution with treaded diesel fuel. INTRON® cTane addition is carried out by the standard pumping equipment in fluid stream which are used in refineries and also by special dosage equipment for additives both by batch or continuous action.

Safety and first aid

INTRON® cTane – toxic liquid which is soluble in hydrocarbons and insoluble in water. When handling with the product you need to wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a mask. Prolonged inhalation of vapors may cause drowsiness, headache. In case of contact with eyes or skin causes irritation. When poisoning by inhalation – victim should be removed to fresh air, if stops breathing – apply artificial respiration and seek medical advice. In case of eye contact – rinse with plenty of warm water, and in case of contact with skin – wash with plenty of warm water with soap.

Storage and packaging

Storage time of INTRON® cTane is 1 year from manufacturing date. Keep the product at temperature not higher than 60°C Product can be supplied by auto or railway tanks, ISO tanks, road trucks, IBC containers or 200 KG drums


INTRON® cTane is supplied by PETRONAX

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