INTRON® dLube – lubricity Improver for diesel fuel


INTRON® dLube is a highly concentrated anti-wear lubricant additive for low and ultra low sulfur diesel and heating fuels.


INTRON® dLube improves the lubricity of low and ultra low sulfur diesel and heating oils, reducing friction and fuel pump wear.

In diesel fuels with a low sulfur content of <0.05% according to EN590, by adding INTRON® dLube 2090 in an amount of 50-150 ppm, the wear scar diameter on the HFRR bench can be reduced to <460 μm. In ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels the dosage can be increased up to 450ppm.


The physical state



amber color


In most aromatic hydrocarbons, insoluble in water

Chemical composition

Fatty Acid Blend

Density at 15C

0,89 – 0,93 g/cm3

Viscosity at 20C

20-50 cSt

Cloud point

Max -4С


INTRON® dLube can be stored under normal storage conditions (temperature 0-50°C, sealed package) for at least 1 year


INTRON® dLube does not form gels or precipitates when mixed with lubricating oils containing strong base surfactants such as calcium sulfonate.

Other properties of fuels, such as cloud point, pour point and filtering point, do not change when INTRON® dLube is added at 100ppm.

INTRON® dLube does not affect other diesel fuel characteristics such as oxidation stability and cetane number, nor does it interact with indicators and markers used in automotive and industrial gas oils.

The product (at 200ppm) does not improve the emulsifying power of diesel fuels in the presence of water (ASTM D 1094).

INTRON® dLube does not degrade the controlled emissions (HC, CO, NOx, particles) of small diesel engines.


The usual precautions must be taken. The workplace must be adequately ventilated. Safety data sheet according to EC directive 91/155/EC


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