cold flow improver for diesel fuel


INTRON® dFlow is a mixture of olefins and derivatives of fatty acid amides in organic solvents.


INTRON® dFlow is a complex depressor-dispersant additive which improves cold flow properties of the diesel fuel.


  • At low concentrations (from 100 to 1000 ppm.) gives highly improvement of CFPP (Cold filter plugging point) and PP (Pure point) of the diesel fuel;
  • Fully compatible with the other ingredients of diesel fuel and additives (detergents, stabilizers, anticorrosion etc.);
  • Reduces the economical costs of production (optimization of the fuel composition)



turbid liquid from yellow to brown color

Density at 40°C

850-950 kg/m3

Viscosity at 50°C

50-300 mPa∙s

Flash point

higher than 61°C

Pure point



Recommended dosage rate of INTRON® dFlow starts from 10 to 1000 ppm Dosage rate depends on the starting physical – chemical properties of the diesel fuel. The appropriate dosage will be determined by our experts after full consideration of diesel fuel properties


INTRON® dFlow can be added either to diesel concentrated or in the form of basic solution with treaded diesel fuel or with aromatic hydrocarbons.

The most favorable dosage temperature for INTRON® dFlow is 40-50°C. Pipes, which is pumped straight INTRON® dFlow, should be heated to 30-40°C.

The temperature of the diesel fuel, in which INTRON® dFlow is added should be 30-35°C.

INTRON® dFlow equipment for high viscosity additives or oil products both by batch or continuous action.


INTRON® dFlow at 20°C is high viscosity liquid which is soluble in hydrocarbons and insoluble in water. When handling with the product you need to wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a mask. Prolonged inhalation of vapors may cause drowsiness, headache. In case of contact with eyes or skin causes irritation. When poisoning by inhalation – victim should be removed to fresh air, if stops breathing – apply artificial respiration and seek medical advice. In case of eye contact – rinse with plenty of warm water, and in case of contact with skin – wash with plenty of warm water with soap.


Storage time of INTRON® dFlow is 1 year from manufacturing date. Keep the product at temperature not higher than 70°C Product can be supplied by auto or railway tanks, in IBC containers or 200KG drums.


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