Octane boosters INTRON® 1000 series


INTRON® 1000 series – a metalloorganic compound’s solution with aromatic hydrocarbons of maximum purity.


INTRON® 1000 series is a complex anti-detonation additive that provides high-performance increment of octane number in a typical oil gasoline and also in the alternative motor fuels based on the bioethanol.

INTRON® 1000 series under law concentrations provides to the fuels’ manufacturers high flexibility in the values’ correction of octane number in accordance with standards and also decreases the economic expenses on manufacturing itself.

Apart from, INTRON® 1000 series can be used as auxiliary anti-detonation additive.



Clear, light yellow to dark brown liquid

Density at  20°С

969 kg/m3

Flash point


Self-ignition temperature


The rate of additive’s input

Recommended dosage of INTRON® 1000 series input is no more than 1,30 % by weight.

Under concentration 1,30 % by weight the additive ensures increment of octane number to 10 – 18 units, depending on the original value of octane number and another physicochemical properties of fuel.

The effective rate input can be determined by our specialists after consideration the fuel’s characteristics.

The methods of additive’s input

INTRON® 1000 series is dosed in fuel as concentrate and as solution with base fuel. INTRON® 1000 series input is made by standard pump equipment in liquid stream, installations for mixing liquids that are used at the refineries and oil depots and by special dosing additive’s equipment as periodic and permanent activity.

Under conducting technological operations avoid ingress of light to the open containers with INTRON 1008 or additive itself as well as for finished trade oil products with its content.

Safety and first aid measures

INTRON® 1000 series  – toxic liquid that is soluble in hydrocarbons and insoluble in water. Special protective clothes, gloves, glasses and mask must be worn under interaction with product.

Storage term and packaging

Storage term of INTRON® 1000 series is 1 year from the date of manufacturing. Product can be delivered in ISO Tanks, road tankers or railway tanks, in IBC containers or in 185 KG drums.

Manufacturer identification

Product is produced by PETRONAX GmbH (Germany).

Contact information


63069 Offenbach, Birkenlohstr. 22, Germany